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Terms and Conditions

What we will do

Inspiring Music will:

  • provide lessons, planned and led by music specialists. Sessions take place in schools on an agreed day and time each week
  • loan Music Education Hub instrumental resources as required by each project
  • work with schools to provide materials to build on the musical provision delivered
  • work with schools to ensure that project planning and delivery supports the school's development plan
  • work with schools to provide performance opportunities throughout the duration of the project (where part of the project)
  • monitor the use of Music Education Hub funds to maximise the opportunities available to schools
  • deliver Fiddle Fiestas, Wind Band Days, Battle of the Bands, A Level Training Day, Orchestral Jamboree etc. All provided at no cost to schools

What schools will do

Schools will:

  • abide by the numbers of students eligible for each project
  • provide a suitable teaching and delivery space, ideally the school hall, (especially for brass and percussion)
  • ensure class teachers and/or learning assistants engage with the music tutor and actively support and participate in the project working alongside their class
  • provide classroom management support at all times
  • take responsibility for the loan and care of instruments throughout the duration of the project
  • ensure students can participate in performance opportunities
  • be responsible for the transport to concert venues and supervise pupils at the venue (where included in a project)
  • provide data and feedback as required to inform future and current development of the Music Education Hub